5 star treatment all the way from start to finish after only two weeks since my lumber decompression and fusion op I am so much better after years of low back pain would recommend Mr Akmal and his team to any one so far so good well worth the journeys from norfolk read more

5 star treatment all the way

Prior to my surgery I had experienced back pain for close to ten years, getting progressively worse, affecting my hips and legs too. Through swimming, massages and heat patches I coped on a day to day basis, but with two young children, getting tired of being in pain and how that affects you plus a desire to stay active I contacted Mr Akmal.
My initial consultation and discussion of my MRI scan was very professional and thorough. At no stage did I feel talked into a procedure and recommendations felt personal to my situation. My husband and I left feeling confident with the planned treatment and team.
I had three spinal injections prior to major lumbar spinal surgery. Whilst I underwent the spinal injections with Mr Akmal, I also saw a physio on a weekly basis, creating a daily routine of exercises to prepare me for spinal surgery.
After six months of treatment and several appointments with Mr Akmal, discussing the various options available, I underwent surgery. Although nervous, I felt very informed and reassured that this was the right solution for me. I have never regretted this decision.
Although I spent a few extra days at the hospital than expected – but with fantastic nurses and a physio team! – the recovery has been pretty smooth, not fast, and it takes great daily effort!
My quality of life has increased tremendously, not having my children say “Be careful, mum has a bad back” is wonderful and enjoying a long haul flight or sleeping in a different bed on holiday instead of fearing it has been life changing.
I cannot recommend Mr Akmal and his team enough.
Thank you! read more

Great success after years of back pain

I have had increasingly severe neck and arm symptoms which, over the last two years have started to effect my work and personal life. As a fellow medic, I was reluctant to undergo any invasive procedure, well aware of potential complications. However…. I have had an amazing result from the nerve injection procedure carried out by Mr Akmal. It has been truly transformative. Throughout the journey, I have had full confidence in Mr Akmal and his team, including his fantastic anaesthetist. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and family. He is one of the most accomplished and confidence-inspiring clinicians I have had occasion to meet. read more

Mr Mo Akmal- A True Professional

I am 3 months post op since having a spinal laser disc operation. I have already starting to do sports and am delighted with the results. I was always in pain and could not do any sports for 3 years. I’m really pleased with how the procedure. The consultants and the nurses looked after me really well and the after care has been great. I would recommend The Harley Street Hospital to anyone who needs professional, high quality care.

David TrumanBanker

The professionalism and the efficiency of London Spine Unit have no equal in London. I have been treated in the best possible way by a dedicated and super knowledgeable staff. read more

The professionalism and the efficiencyAdministrative

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