Sacroiliac Joint Disorders

Sacroiliac Joint Disorders

Sacroiliac joint disorders

Sacroiliac joint disordersSacroiliac joint disorders occur at the sacroiliac joint area thus disable the joint from functioning properly. It causes pain in the leg and lower back and is similar to sciatica.

In most cases, the problem is caused by motion in one of two extremes: either too much or too little movement between the hip bones, the sacrum (triangular bone between the lumbar spine) and the tailbone (or coccyx). Since the purpose of the sacroiliac joint is to act as a shock absorber between movement in the legs, pelvis and upper body, when it isn’t doing its job properly the patient experiences pain caused by friction and inflammation at the joint.

Common Symptoms

  • Patients experience lower back pain especially the region that is below disc L5
  • Buttock/pelvis pain
  • Pain in the groin area/hip
  • Instability of the feet
  • Sensation especially in the lower extremities
  • There can be general body numbness, weakness, and tingling
  • Because of the pain, a disturbed sleeping pattern

 Assessment and Treatment

 Specialists at our Harley Street Hospital will carry out a comprehensive assessment to ascertain the state of the sacroiliac joint, likely by x-ray. In most cases, this evaluation is able to give our doctors a clear picture of the degree of the inflammation inside the joint. If a sacroiliac disorder is diagnosed and not a fracture of the bone, we’ll recommend medication.

Although the degree of sacroiliac disorders varies from patient to patient, it usually takes a patient on medication an average of one to three months to start to see improvement and healing. Sometimes, physical therapy, including chiropractic, physiotherapy, or osteopathy can also help.

With the finest specialists in the world when it comes to diagnosing and treating spine problems we have a vast array of knowledge and experience of the musculoskeletal system around the spine – which is why people come to us from all over the world. Our experience is backed up by a medical facility that is truly world-class, enabling us to offer our patients excellence in care and the best treatment outcomes.


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